Among the flames, they found marijuana, in an unusual event that occurred in Pozo Azul

At noon on Thursday, members of the Pozo Azul Police Station together with the Dangerous Drugs Division of Regional Unit XIV, seized 62 loaves of Cannabis Sativa, which weighed 26 kilograms. What is striking and unusual is that everything indicated that it was a fire in a precarious home, however what was burning was marijuana. In addition, volunteer firefighters from San Pedro worked.

In a mountain area, which remains to be established if it belongs to an aboriginal community or to a company, a few meters from property route 20, a neighbor warned the authorities about the burning of a house, which due to the characteristics of the site, was hardly being inhabited. Already in the place, the troops, with the valuable collaboration of the San Pedro firefighters, noticed that there was something strange between the flames.

According to the information provided to El Territorio, by the aforementioned Command Unit, as the fire was extinguished, they began to notice the presence of rectangular packages. Faced with the unexpected suspicion, the officers requested the presence of the Dangerous Drugs Division, who, upon conducting the rigorous examination of the packages that were saved, confirmed that it was Cannabis Sativa.

In total they counted 62 marijuana loaves and due to the amount of ashes they estimate that it was a hiding place with a few more kilos, that for some reason, being a hypothesis, a settling of accounts, they set it on fire. The origin and ownership of the drug is a matter of investigation.

The Federal Court of Eldorado intervened, which ordered the seizure of the marijuana breads.

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