Among Us is still scheduled for 2021 on Xbox and Xbox Game Pass

It was one of the strong announcements at the end of last year. After having landed in Xbox Game Pass for PC, Among Us would arrive on Xbox and in Xbox Game Pass console in 2021. In this month of October, the game is still pending, but the developers are explaining it.

A release by the end of the year remains possible

On their blog, the developers explain that Among Us will arrive a little later than expected on console.

We’re still on track for console release this year, albeit later than originally planned. Because this next update is more than just a fix and will (hopefully) introduce two big changes to the game, making sure they’re up to par and compatible across ALL platforms – PC, mobile, console. – means there are a lot more blockages ahead for us.

The game should have been released in September, but is therefore postponed until later this year so that the gaming experience is optimal. The developers specify that they do not give a date yet so as not to disappoint, but that will not be long!

One of the next gameplay updates for Among Us will be the introduction of new roles, but again, that’s a well-kept secret. In all cases, the game will be released in the Xbox Game Pass console at the same time it becomes available on Xbox.

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