Among Us will be released for Playstation and Xbox in 2021 as planned

Among Us has had an incredible journey since 2020, when the game suddenly became extremely popular thanks to Twitch streamers, but also thanks to its addictive gameplay and fantastic timing. But we did not intend to discuss its history and fate today. What we want to talk about is its not yet released console versions.

This party game was launched for PC, Android and iOS 2018, followed by Switch last year, and InnerSloth has since decided that Among Us will also come to both the Playstation and Xbox consoles. The team promised that these would be launched in 2021, but time is running out. Will we really be able to play Among Us on Sony’s and Microsoft’s platforms this year?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. In a blog post, InnerSloth states that “we’re still on track for console release this year, albeit later than we originally intended”. They develop their reasoning as follows:

“Because this next update is more than just a simple patch and will introduce (hopefully) two big changes to the game, making sure they’re up to snuff and compatible across ALL platforms – PC, mobile, console – means there are way more blockers coming for us.

Our ideal release date was in September, but we ended up moving it because we didn’t want anyone who picked up the game on Xbox or PlayStation to have a suboptimal experience and roadblocks were thrown our way. (See why I haven’t told you all a date yet? Gotta be 100% sure before we’re comfortable sharing that information!) Thanks for the patience on this!”

Still no concrete date revealed then, but InnerSloth seems to be at least pretty sure of delivering as planned in 2021.

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