Amor only thinks about defeating La Calera: "It depends on us"

In Colo Colo they are already mentalizing themselves to face Unión La Calera, a key match to stay at the top of the standings, since, in case of winning, they will be able to start distancing themselves from a direct rival in their pretensions to fight the 2021 National Championship title.

Emiliano Amor analyzed what the duel will be before the cement producers in a press conference and anticipated that “It is a tough team, it will be a very intense match. That characterizes us too, with the bloc attacking and defending. We must have a lot of precautions. We always say that the most important game is the one that comes. Wednesday for us is the most important game “.

Along the same lines, he pointed out that “It is an important match, but there are 17 dates left. We are going to play it with the maximum intensity that always characterizes us. It is a long tournament where you have to play every game until the end “.

The defender trusts in the virtues of the team to defeat those led by Francisco Meneghini, who have also been one of the protagonists of the tournament. “We are very concentrated and invested, focused on what each of us has to do. You have to go play to be the protagonist, looking for the rival goal and keeping the precautions for the rival we face. We know that it depends on us “he explained.

On the leadership in the standings, he maintains “Seeing each other up there is something nice, but there are still 17 dates to go, there is a long way to go. We have to continue with the same goals and with the same determination “.

The objectives of Colo Colo

Emiliano Amor has it clear and warned that they are going to fight on all fronts. “Our goal is to stay on top and fight everything we play, including the tournament and the Chile Cup. We will fight to the end. Let’s fight. We have shown every game that we have not given away any games. We are for big things “he warned.

“The objectives were very clear since I arrived, which was to qualify for an international cup and fight for the title. I never felt pressure playing football, what’s more, I always enjoyed it “, he concluded.

Emiliano Amor has established himself in the alba defense. / PHOTO: Agencia Uno

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