AMSAFE affirmed that compliance with unemployment is practically total and requested that there be no discounts

The Santa Fe Teachers’ Association (AMSAFE) presented a note this morning to the Ministry of Labor to demand that the days not worked due to the strike not be discounted and that a new joint meeting be urgently convened.

In a dialogue with the press, Rodrigo Alonso, Secretary General of AMSAFE, assured that they are “demanding that they refrain from making any type of discount on the salaries of education workers.”

In addition, he assured that this measure “attempts against freedom of association; it is an arbitrary definition of a government that is responsible for the conflict that we are carrying out; and implies an unfair practice”.

“We have come to demand that the Ministry of Labor refrain from making any type of discount, but we have also come to present a note, demanding, as resolved by the Provincial Assembly of AMSAFE, that it immediately convene the parity level,” Alonso declared.

“We reiterate that the solution to the conflict will never be a threat, or a discount, or pressure. It will never be a circular inviting workers to attend school,” added the union leader.

On the other hand, he stressed that compliance is practically total in the province, and “shows that no matter how tight there are, discounts, the solution that we workers take, we comply with it.” They also request the intervention of the Minister of Education of the Nation.

Also listen to the full note:

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