An actor from "Riverdale" sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his mother

Season 4 recurring cast member Ryan Grantham was sentenced to life in prison. He himself had surrendered to the police in 2020 after killing his mother.

Canadian actor Ryan Grantham, seen in particular in the American series Riverdale, was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his mother, Barbara Waite, by the Vancouver Supreme Court. The court decision is accompanied by an impossibility to apply for parole before 14 years. He had pleaded guilty to the murder, which occurred in March 2020. He was then 21 years old.

As reported by the Canadian media CBC, the young man had shot his mother in the back of the head while she was playing the piano, at their home in Squamish, British Columbia. He had filmed himself at the GoPro shortly after the facts to state his act. The next day he had covered his body with a sheet, placed candles around it and hung a rosary on the piano.

Ryan Grantham then drove off in a car loaded with guns, ammunition and Molotov cocktails in an attempt to drive to Ottawa and kill Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He then turned around and, after contemplating a shooting at the Simon Fraser University he was attending, ended up turning himself in to Vancouver police.

Degraded mental state

During a hearing last June, Ryan Grantham addressed the court to apologize. Prosecutors had presented the results of two psychiatric reports which suggested the actor wanted to kill his mother to spare her from witnessing the further abuse he intended to commit.

In rendering her verdict, judge Kathleen Ker spoke of the mental state of the young man before his acting out, listing his heavy consumption of cannabis, his suicidal thoughts and his desire for murder. She said his remorse seemed genuine, and that he had sought psychiatric help in prison.

Ryan Grantham played Jeffery Augustine in the fourth season of Riverdale. Actor since the age of 9, he has also played in the series supernatural and iZombieas well as in the movie The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus by Terry Gilliam.

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