An allusion by Javier Milei to Margaret Thatcher generated a stir on social networks

Congressman Javier Milei took his political message to Colombia this week, where he led various activities prior to the presidential runoff. There, he attracted the attention of different sectors, in front of which he expressed his view on Argentina, his analysis of historical problems and also revealed, not without controversy, which are the leaders with which the Milei identifies.

Under the title “Javier Milei, the controversial popular candidate who wants to be president of Argentina”, the magazine Semana published a detailed interview with the leader that did not go unnoticed in that country. “I feel very identified, in historical terms, basically with [Winston] Churchillwith [Ronald] reagan and with Margaret Thatcher“, He pointed out in that report.

Milei in favor of Thatcher blew up the networks.

The mention of Thatcher, the British prime minister during the Malvinas war, generated a stir on social media. Even more so, when this year marks the 40th anniversary of the war between the United Kingdom and Argentina. The statement became a trend on Twitter. One of the criticisms that the ruler has historically received, even within her own country, is the decision to sink the General Belgrano cruise ship outside the exclusion zone, in which 323 soldiers lost their lives.

Thatcher known asor “The Iron Lady” He was also, together with the North American Ronald Reagan -also chosen by Milei-, an exponent of the series of economic reforms promoted at the end of the 1980s, which were baptized under the name of “Washington Consensus”.

Milei for Thatcher

Strictly speaking, This is not the first time that Milei mentions “The Iron Lady”. In 2016 she had shared one of the phrases attributed to the former leader of the Conservative Party. “Socialism does not come from the people. It is a doctrine of intellectuals who had the arrogance to believe that they could better plan everyone’s life“, he tweeted.

“Margaret Thatcher was the Prime Minister of England during the Falklands War and Milei identifies right with her. That’s not how you get votes in Argentina. Or yes?” wrote one user. Others described him as “sepoy” in that sense and there were also those who pointed out that in this way the legislator was “reaching places from which one cannot return.”

Among the opinions that appeared on the networks, that of Carlos Maslatón stood out, who days ago whitewashed an intern within Libertad Avanza, the space led by the economist. “With Thatcher? Sorry Javier. I’ve come this far. The Malvinas are Argentine,” wrote the lawyer, defined as a “free space pointer.”

Milei, between love and hate.

Milei, between love and hate.

Meanwhile, there was no lack of those who declared old statements by Victoria Villaruel, her fellow member of the block in Congress and the daughter of a former combatant. In May, the legislator had renounced her nickname in allusion to Thatcher that a user had given her when sharing a photo with her.

“As the daughter of a decorated veteran in the Malvinas, I think they should find another nickname for me. Of course I understand that they tell me that highlighting the political conditions she had, but Malvinas will always be in my heart, just like the rest of the territory. And that is not cold or metal is fire, “he considered then.

In a second tweet, he expanded on his reasoning. “Iron ladies have been many throughout history. Being that I am from Malvinas at heart, I resignify it and take it as someone with firm and unwavering convictions. And I take it as a compliment beyond that I am not cold, criminal and distant as the other”.

Criticism of radicalism and its projection

In the interview in Semana, Milei was convinced of his election Screening, omitted the latest polls that show a drop in his image and was convinced that he can reach win the presidency in 2023 in case of reaching the ballotage. The economist stressed that La Libertad Avanza “grows steadily.”

“At this moment we would be, in individual terms, the position most chosen by Argentines, which implies that, if we reach the second round, there is no doubt that I will be the next president of the country,” he said.

In his historical analysis, Milei accused Kirchnerism of “sinking the country”, but he spoke of structural problems throughout the 20th century. Among other things, he mentioned that Argentina had 17 crises in that century and 15 of them related to a fiscal origin.

In this sense, he also pointed out against the role of radicalism in Argentine history. “Although the Kirchners did an enormous job to sink this country, this Argentine decadence began a little over 100 years ago when the Radical Civic Union came to power, which began to impregnate society with the disastrous ideas of socialism and that generated a vicious circle,” he said.

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