An ambulance was trapped in the highway cut and the patient is in serious condition

The total closure of the La Plata-Buenos Aires highway not only generated long lines, delays and traffic chaos, but also also put at risk the life of a patient who was transferred by an ambulance.

The medical vehicle was trapped in the tangle of cars that were stuck at the Dock Sud tollwhere carriers made a surprise picket this Wednesday and kept the route blocked for several hours.

The ambulance was transporting a patient urgently, so medical personnel had to intervene at the scene and the presence of a SAME helicopter was requested, in order to transfer him to the Los Arcos Sanatorium, in the Federal Capital. The first reports indicate that the patient is still in serious condition and under strict care of the specialists, who highlighted the speed of the intervention of the aircraft, due to the impossibility of carrying out the transfer by land.

Regarding the protest, the carriers will be received by the authorities of the Ministry of National Transportation this Wednesday afternoon, although the claims come from different parties and groups in the sector, so it is expected that general solutions to the conflict will be found.

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