An ancient tree in the Amazon is on the verge of extinction due to international demand

In the depths of Amazon peruana inhabit trees of imposing height and resistant wood, but they are less and less. Hundreds of shihuahuacos are felled daily for not being considered a protected species in the countryso only a group of people defends its conservation and warns about the destruction of the forest that brings about its disappearance.

Tatiana Espinosa, environmental defender of this Amazonian region, calls the shihuahuacos the “grandparents of the Amazon”. What happens is that They are slow-growing plants: to reach a meter in diameter they have to live 700 years. However, its properties of high density, hardness and size (they measure up to 60 meters in height), made it a coveted species abroad.

A felled shihuahuaco.

“The shihuahuaco is a highly demanded species in the international market and that is why it is being felled indiscriminately, putting its entire population and ecosystem at risk”explained Espinosa, who is also a forestry engineer and founder of the Arbio organization, which is dedicated to the protection and conservation of the Amazon.

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