An anti-Covid treatment tested on 600 patients without their knowledge: Brazil facing a vast health scandal

Brazil is currently shaken by a huge health scandal. About fifteen doctors accuse the Sao Paulo hospital group, to which they were affiliated, of having administered experimental anti-Covid treatment to 600 patients between March and April 2020, and of having falsified death certificates.

Weekly This is, translated here by France Info, speaks of “one of the greatest barbarities in the history of Brazilian medicine”. The searcher Daniel A. Dorado evokes him on Twitter “the biggest medical scandal in the history of Brazil”.

600 patients affected, 9 dead

The two superlative expressions designate the same controversy: according to some fifteen Brazilian doctors, authors of a 10,000-page report examined at this very moment by the Senate in Brasilia, the Prevent Senior center – for which they were working at the time – administered an experimental anti-Covid treatment to 600 of their patients between March and April 2020 without their knowledge.

A practice that was part of a clinical study that thus escaped the eyes of the National Ethics Committee – and therefore evaded its approval. Of the 600 patients concerned, whistleblowers counted nine dead.

And this accusation is coupled with other suspicions, just as appalling: the practitioners point to the falsification of death certificates in order to stick to the expectations of the hierarchy and the reduction of the oxygen dispensed to the patients most affected by the virus in order to “freeing” beds.

Bolsonaro overtaken by the scandal

It is the hospital group, Prevent Senior, which is thus at the heart of the turmoil. This rose in mid-September following initial revelations from the channel Globe News. And the scandal is all the more profound as Prevent Senior is a juggernaut in the Brazilian medical sector.

According to the Figaro, it has 3,000 doctors, 12,000 civil servants and operates in Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, and Curitiba, in addition to its facilities in Sao Paulo. In addition, the file splashes political power, and first and foremost President Jaïr Bolsonaro, accused of having supported the initiative, seeing it as an opportunity to serve his anti-containment option.

The doctors at the origin of the scandal of the “horror laboratory”, according to the formula of the Brazilian press, paraded in front of the Senate since last Thursday.

“The patients only saw nurses who had already prepared and delivered the kits. There was no medical consultation. Basically you come with flu symptoms, you just take the kit and go home.” , notably traced Walter Correa, former doctor of the Prevent Senior group.

Lawyer Bruna Morato, counsel to one of those caregivers who made their voices heard, said: “The doctors were ordered to prescribe the kit. These kits arrived in sealed bags. They had no eyes on them. on its contents. Also be aware that when a doctor wanted to remove a drug, even if he struck it off the prescription, the patient received the whole kit. ” It is this same Bruna Morato who did not hesitate to reproach Jaïr Bolsonaro for having “encouraged” these cover-ups.

Cocktail in a kit

But what was in these famous kits? Ivermectin, azithromycin and hydroxychloroquine. So many molecules that have not only never proven their effectiveness against Covid-19 but are even not recommended by the World Health Organization. However, we know that President Jaïr Bolsonaro has long promoted the use of hydroxychloroquine.

Brazil is also suffering particularly heavy losses in the fight against the virus: we deplore it already more than 600,000 dead.

Robin Verner BFMTV reporter

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