An Apex Legends hacker is banned in the middle of a game

The Apex Legends community of players have had the presence of a hacker within the beloved battle royale video game, developed by Respawn Entertainment, but everything seems to indicate that we are nowhere near witnessing much fairer games, especially in the competitive sector.

Something that has caught our attention is that Respawn Entertainment’s own anti-cheating efforts in Apex Legends have long been a topic of discussion in the community.

The main turning point was in Season 9 when the development team promised some serious updates to the game’s security measures to prevent cheating from occurring, and it appeared to culminate in August with the addition of two new hires to the game’s security team. .

While the difference may have been negligible at first, a new clip shows players sharing their recent experience with live bans and how the tides seem to be turning against hackers more and more often in Season 11.

Apex Legends cheat live ban shows anti-cheat improvements

The cheater in question gets into a few fights towards the end of the game, taking some incredibly hard shots while decimating a good chunk of the lobby. After completing his 16th murder, wixy is logged out of the lobby without warning.

The difference between a regular disconnect and a ban is easy to spot, as a ban is instantly recorded on the server, while a player whose connection has been interrupted will either freeze or repeat the same entry that was happening when the problem arose.

One commenter confirmed Cobbo’s suspicion that this was punishment for the hacker: “I think so because I had a teammate who was clearly cheating and I reported him and it happened like that.”

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