An Elden Ring fan has created a LEGO figure inspired by Vargram, the Angry Wolf

Elden Ring is one of the most striking surprises of the entire gaming community so far this year, and it is that the Middle Lands managed to amaze all lovers of the Soul’s formula, so the popular FromSoftware video game It already has a large number of fans around the world and some have shown their affection, with the making of amazing fan arts.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that, among the topics that we can commonly see from the fans, along with the discussions caused by the set of elements that are part of Elden Ring, there are some somewhat debatable and controversial points, while of others we can simply affirm that they are a great success on the part of the developers.

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Vargram the Furious Wolf

A recent trend has arisen among many members of the gaming community (of course also for those of Elden Ring) and is custom LEGO figures on different characters from a wide variety of games and even series.

Through his Reddit account, a fan of this open world, named Marek Grzywacz has published a fan art in which we can see a custom LEGO figure with the Elden Ring theme, made by himself. This features one of the characters that appear throughout the game and their respective armor set.

Vargram the Furious Wolf is an NPC in the Elden Ring. He is a warrior who is recognized as the protagonist himself in an early stage of the video game, and it is precisely his armor set, the one that was in the promotional material of the video game at its launch, and our favorite along with Blaidd’s, the Half Wolf .

Regarding his presence in the Gameplay, we can say that he is one of the assassination targets assigned to you by Volcano Manor, without forgetting that he is one of the first Tarnished to reach the Round Table, with a leading role, Vargram received his name by the white wolf skin on his helmet, and today we can see him in reality turned into a LEGO figure.

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