An electric car made in 3 minutes: this is Fisker’s mesmerizing video

Through a timelapse video (accelerated), Fisker invites us to discover all the manufacturing stages of its new electric vehicle: the Fisker Ocean.

Production of the Fisker Ocean SUV began on November 17 in Austria, as promised by its boss. To accompany the first copies produced, the Fisker brand has published on his YouTube accountNovember 21, a 3-minute video in time lapse allowing to discover all the stages of manufacture of the model.

If you enjoyed the drone flight through the Tesla factory in Berlin, you will surely enjoy spending a few minutes observing the assembly of the Fisker Ocean

A way to better understand the manufacture of an electric car

From the very robotic part to the manual finishing tasks, the video allows you to understand the construction of an electric car, from the first parts of the structure to the last details. You can even observe the details of the different layers of paint. We also appreciate in more detail the panoramic roof equipped with its photovoltaic cells, available on the highest finishes of the Fisker Ocean.

Fisker Ocean at the Paris World Cup // Source: Raphaelle Baut
Fisker Ocean at the Paris World Cup // Source: Raphaelle Baut

For a start of production, everything seems perfectly in place for the most high-end models of the manufacturer. To say that it took Fisker only two years to implement the production of its Fisker Ocean, while we are still waiting for Tesla to produce the Cybertruck since its presentation in November 2019. Finally, Tesla is not so fast to release his models, even if Elon Musk tries to make people believe the opposite. Fisker has shown even greater agility to reduce lead times.

300 copies to start

The Magna Steyr factory in Graz is well versed in the question of car assembly, including electric cars, since it already produces several well-known models. On the other hand, the rise in power of the production of Fisker Ocean will nevertheless be done gradually.

Manufacturing is due to start with just over 300 units in the first quarter of 2023, then it should increase rapidly to 8,000 units in the second. Finally, more than 15,000 units are to follow in the last two quarters of 2023. The company will theoretically end the year with enough units to reach a total of 42,400 cars produced. The goal she set herself.

The Fisker Ocean has recorded nearly 63,000 reservations. It will take more than a year to meet current demand. Information that the boss, Henrik Fisker, confirmed to us during our interview at the Mondial de Paris. Other fledgling brands had anticipated this kind of rapid production scale, but soon found themselves facing supply and management challenges. We can cite in particular the example of Rivian, which is still struggling to achieve the production objectives initially planned. By calling on the production experience of the Magna Streyr factory in Graz, and thanks to a different approach to the design of its model, Fisker should avoid this type of disappointment.

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