An honor! The CSD Colo Colo reaches the figure of 80 thousand members per day

When things are done well, the fan always responds in every area and, precisely the work of the Colo Colo Social and Sports Club, is in one of its best moments, strengthening the institution in the social and sports fields.

This week the CSD Colo Colo reached a historical figure of 80 thousand members a day that, for many, was unattainable a couple of months ago. That is why the happiness at this event is double.

Today, the money from the fees goes largely to the sports branches of our club, which is already seeing its fruits. A clear example is women’s volleyball, where it is in the final of the A1 League.

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How to become a member of the club?

You must pay an entrance fee of 6 thousand pesos, which will cover the first two social payments, in addition to adding a thousand pesos that are to obtain your membership credential. For people from regions, that same amount will cover their first three months and they must submit a residence certificate to prove their address.

If you pay the fees for the full year, the credential is free and it is delivered to the offices of the Monumental Stadium. It can also be sent by a Chilexpress office of your choice and giving the details of the person who is going to pick it up.

You can become a member at the club’s offices located at the Monumental Stadium, Marathon 5300 or online at the club’s official website.

What is the value of the social contributions?

These are paid monthly, but you can also cancel the entire year or the time you prefer. The values ​​are as follows:

– Minors thousand pesos.

– Adults from regions 2 thousand pesos.

– Adults of the Metropolitan Region 3 thousand pesos.

– Senior adult thousand pesos.

Where can I pay the social contributions?

You can go to the club’s offices, enter by Av. Marathon 5300 and find it between the Tucapel sector and the entrance of the Ocean hall.

You can also do it on the club’s official website, through the Transbank system. To be able to cancel online, it is necessary to generate the system user password with your routing and membership number, so that it will later reach your email.

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