An investigation opened in Deux-Sèvres after the attack on an “anti-basin” activist

An investigation is underway in Deux-Sèvres since the attack on November 18 of an activist “anti-basins”who filed a complaint Thursday, November 24 with the Melle gendarmerie, Niort prosecutor Julien Wattebled told AFP.

In Sainte-Soline, the site of the contested “basin” has restarted

According to a press release from the group “Basins no thank you”of which he is a member and which is opposed to a project for water reserves for agricultural use in Deux-Sèvres, the plaintiff was attacked at his home in Périgné by two men who inflicted multiple injuries on him (ribs, ankle, neck, face) and insulted him.

He has “was beaten all over his body and insulted in terms that leave no ambiguity as to the real motivations of his assailants: ‘Shitty ecologist motherfucker’, ‘We’re pissing on you’, ‘It’s beautiful the anti -basin” », writes the collective. Hospitalized, the victim was issued with a total incapacity for work (ITT) of 15 days.

A “rush ahead” of the “productivist” model

According to the press release, this man is the nephew of one of the spokespersons of “Basins No Thanks”Julien Le Guet, “threatened himself on various occasions”.

An EELV MP claims to have been “shoved and beaten by the police” in Sainte-Soline

Thousands of activists have been mobilized for several weeks in the Deux-Sèvres against the construction of a water reservoir, nicknamed “basin” by his opponents, in Sainte-Soline, the second of the 16 reserves of several hundreds of thousands of m3 which must be created in this department – a first has already been commissioned.

The beneficiaries of the reserves have committed in return, in a protocol signed in 2018, to adopt practices geared towards agroecology. Conversely, their detractors see it as a ” flight forward “ of the model “productivist”.

After rallies in October, including one that turned into a confrontation between activists and the police, a new demonstration against the project will take place on March 25, according to opponents who hope to bring together “several tens of thousands of people”.

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