An old character from the early arcs of Dragon Ball could defeat Vegeta with a mental technique

the stories of dragon ballwritten by Akira Toriyama, have featured surprising rivals and villains since their inception. They have all meant a very hard test for Goku, who started out as a simple boy with a tail and a great desire to learn martial arts.

One of those rivals, defeated by Goku after a simple job, he could pose a serious threat to the current Vegeta, the one who has developed power levels that exceed the limit of normal.

Vegeta, currently, surpassed all phases of the Super Saiyan, including the God or Blue. The prince of the Saiyans is training to perfect the ultra-egoknown to be a kind of counterpart to the Ultra Instinct that Goku executes.

So it’s hard to believe that a villain from the early arcs of Dragon Ball, who was bested by the kid Goku, could defeat Vegeta. But the truth is that, according to logic, it would be possible through a mental technique.

Vegeta versus an old Dragon Ball villain

According to what the portal remembers sport, the old villain is Akku, companion of Uranai Baba in hell. Her appearance occurs when Goku and her friends, in search of the dragon balls, go to Master Roshi’s sister to help them find her.

It is in this context that Akku appears, since as we well know, Uranai Baba always grants favors with penances and fighting tournaments. So before we can get to her, our characters have to overcome this villain’s barrier.

Dragon Ball Akku confronts Goku and tries to dominate his mind.

Akku’s particularity is that he is not very skilled at fighting itself. But he has the ability to dominate the mind of his rivals by controlling his evil thoughts. Thanks to this he makes them explode in a couple of seconds.

Akku tries to execute this technique against Goku, but since the character is of a pure heart, he does not manage to do any damage. However, if he were to meet Vegeta, we already know that he could find the evil inside him and make it explode.

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