“An order of 80 thousand was stolen”: Kel Calderón founded an app dealer

During the day this Thursday, Kel Calderón used his social networks to report an unfortunate situation that he experienced with a delivery application.

The influencer explained that, during the day, one of the delivery men would have stolen one of her orders, highlighting that, in addition, she could not speak to anyone to seek responsibility for this fact.

“An order for $ 80 thousand was stolen from my house”

“Today, literally, a Rappi Chile delivery man stole an order of $ 80 thousand from my house and in the application we never managed to communicate with anyone,” he wrote in his Stories.

Kel then shared snapshots of responses sent to him by some followers, recounting bad experiences with the company.

“I’m plop with the messages that are reaching me from all the people who have been robbed by Rappi,” he said.

Subsequently, Calderón published the alleged name of the delivery man and his phone number.

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