An “unusual” animal was observed in the Seine

The authorities asked the population not to approach him.

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A beluga is currently swimming in the Seine, announced the prefecture of Eure, reported in several French media. The prefecture would have determined the species of the animal from photographs taken of the animal on Tuesday August 2.

“It is a protected species of cetacean usually living in arctic, subarctic waters and in the estuary of the St. Lawrence in Quebec,” said the prefecture of Eure in a press release. “It happens to isolated individuals to wander in more southern waters. It can temporarily survive in fresh water.”

An assessment of the beluga’s state of health is underway. The population is asked not to approach the animal so as not to stress it further. At the end of May, an orca had already found itself stranded between Le Havre and Rouen. She had finally died.

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