Ana María Polo had a difficult time in Puerto Rico, know why

“Caso Cerrado” was one of the most watched programs on Telemundo both in the United States and in some Latin American countries. This space was hosted by the lawyer Ana María Polo that she earned the nickname of “Dr. Polo”. Despite being a very successful person, during his adolescence he went through difficult times.

The program “Case closed”Which led to fame Ana María Polo had his last recording in 2019. In the program the “Dr. Polo”Was in charge of attending to the cases of the panelists who came to the television studio looking for a solution.

The complaints and problems were analyzed by Ana María Polo who evaluated the situation, collected the testimony of both parties and gave a final verdict. His unique, sincere and direct style became a public favorite.

Ana María Polo was the host of Case Closed.  (Capture from Youtube)
Ana María Polo was the host of Case Closed. (Capture from Youtube)

Despite being born in Cuba, then Ana María Polo had to migrate to Puerto Rico together with his family, seeking a better quality of life. There he would go through difficult times.


In adolescence Ana María Polo had to travel from Cuba a Puerto Rico with his family because his father found a stable job. This was reported in an interview with the YouTube channel of .

In that sense, the “Dr. Polo”Noted that Puerto Rico It was a very welcoming country and the people were very friendly. However, -notes that- there was a time when everything changed and what marked her was when she and her family felt discrimination.

“Puerto Rico lived through a very difficult time where they began to hate foreigners a lot, and especially Cubans. Puerto Rico felt, at some point, that the Cuban invaded their country, that they took away their job”, He declared.

Continuing with his story, Ana María Polo He indicated that the accountant of his father’s company was assassinated. “(There was) a sign that said Get out of here Cuban pigs! (…) My father’s partner was Puerto Rican“, I note.


At another point in the interview, she said that they had to go to school with bodyguards, but she and her family had in mind that they should travel to the U.S.

We knew that Miami was the final destination. The relatives of my mother, my father, all lived in Miami. We knew that the final destination, at some point, was going to be Miami”, He sentenced.

Upon reaching the U.S the “Dr. Polo”She was 17 years old and it was there that she began to study law and after a few years she became a professional lawyer.


The , who was born in Havana on April 11, 1959, announced that she left Cuba when she was still very young, at the age of two, along with her parents, who escaped the Cuban Revolution. At that time they fled to Puerto Rico, where they found refuge and a better quality of life. Years later they went to the United States, where he studied and discovered his vocation, developing personally and professionally.

It is in this country where she obtained US citizenship and practiced her legal profession aimed at helping the most vulnerable people, whom she supported in cases of adoptions, custody and support of minors, divorces, paternity and domestic violence; gaining popularity and fame with his television show “Caso Cerrado”.

On several occasions he has confessed that he has not returned to Cuba for two main reasons: one of them is because of the sacrifice his parents made when they left everything behind for political ideas and the other because of their disagreement with the government of Fidel and Raúl Castro.

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