Ana María Polo: what you should know about the return of Doctor Polo to “Case Closed”

Over the years Anna Maria Polo has become a star thanks to his program “Case closed”. Since 2001, she has been in charge of mediating all kinds of legal battles that affect Latinos living in the United States. However, in 2019, the driver decided to take a break from the screens. Now, after two years of absence on television, the popular Cuban lawyer has made all her followers happy by announcing that she is returning with a new season of his famous show.

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Below you will find all the details of the return of Doctora Polo with the new season of “Case Closed”.


After two years of absence on television, the program “Case closed” will be back with a new season. This was confirmed in a statement issued by the company. Mega Global Entertainment (MGE), who spread the news through their social networks. According to the information revealed, the new edition of the show will be distributed and produced by Cinemat Y MGE.

“Case Closed will be back with a new studio, new sections, but the same strength and humility that characterize Dr. Polo and that have made the program the one with the largest audience among Hispanics around the world for more than two decades”it reads in .

Ana María Polo will return with "Case closed" (Photo: Ana María Polo / Instagram)
Ana María Polo will return with “Case Closed” (Photo: Ana María Polo / Instagram)

In that sense, the directors who bring back the program were proud of the opportunity to have Ana María Polo leading the space.

¨It fills us with satisfaction to be able to count on our offer with Dr. Ana María Polo in this new stage of Case Closedbecause without a doubt there is no program or personality of his stature and with his career in the Latin American entertainment industry. The more than 20 million followers on social networks that Dr. Polo has They consistently ask him to come back with new shows, and we’re proud to work alongside Cinemat to make that wish come true.said Hope Garaythe CEO of MGE.

The executive of Cinemata famous production company, was also enthusiastic about the show’s return.

¨We have been fortunate to work for many years with Dr. Polo and to directly experience the admiration, respect and affection that the public in all parts of the world has for him. She touches on relevant and human issues that are of universal interest, but it also has the magic of doing it in a human and close way that everyone is missing. So We feel very proud to work again with Dr. Polo in this new season.and to now have the MGE team to take it to homes throughout the region¨stated Joseph Vincent Scheuren.


After the spread of the news, MGM has revealed that the popular driver Anna Maria Polo is very excited about this new challenge in her television career, after her long absence.

¨I feel very excited to start this next stage of “Case Closed”, as well as feeling a deep gratitude with the audience that has followed me during all these years”stated the Cuban lawyer.

Likewise, the star He promised to continue disseminating quality content to his loyal followers and not to give up his desire to achieve justice through his television show.

“I also feel a great commitment to continue providing the new generations with a empathic, relevant and human contentthat offers Hispanics around the world a concept of justice that includes different themesespecially at this time when we have faced strong challenges and different problems as humanitysaid the popular tv figure.

The Cuban promised to continue delivering quality content to her followers (Photo: Ana María Polo / Instagram)
The Cuban promised to continue delivering quality content to her followers (Photo: Ana María Polo / Instagram)


After knowing the news of the new edition of the popular program “Case closed”fans of the show have been interested in his release day. The truth is that, so far, There is no confirmed premiere date for the new episodes of the show.

However, both the famous Doctor Polo as the production of space, have promised that they will maintain the essence of the program which premiered at 2001 and that remained on the air until the year 2019with its season Number 18. Undoubtedly, news that excites fans of the show that was broadcast via Telemundo.

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