Anaís Cifuentes, captain of Colo Colo Sub19, is pure happiness after winning the championship against U: “It’s always important to win these games”

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The Albas defeated the Blues in the final of the youth football opening tournament with a lofty 7-0.

© colo coloAnaís Cifuentes shows her happiness after defeating U in the final

Colo Colo Women’s Sub19 was crowned champion of the Opening Tournament of the Formative Championship. Las Albas defeated Universidad de Chile with a lofty 7-0, unleashing the madness of the fans present in Quilín.

In a fairly fought first half, the Cacique could only get ahead on the scoreboard in the 47th minute, after a great goal from María Jesús Tapia. In the second stage and playing with one more woman, the Popular team went over the blue ones who succumbed to the white power.

One of the great figures of this team is Anaís Cifuentes. La Chimbi, as she is nicknamed, is the captain and, in addition, she is a frequent card for DT Luis Mena in the adult women’s team. Cifuentes is syndicated as the great project of women’s soccer and is emerging as the future right back of the Chilean National Team.

Thus, after the game and in a conversation with Deportes 13, the Cacique player stated that she felt “too happy, too happy for the delivery, even more so if it is Superclásico. For Colo Colo it is always important to win these games”.

Women’s football continues to grow. Proof of this is the great harmony that the transmission of the meeting had and the presence of fans in the stands. For the same reason, the Popular player stated that “It’s super nice that people come to support us and that they continue to support women’s football”.

Anaís Cifuentes is a tremendous project. At just 16 years old, she is already the leader and captain of her team. In this regard, she assured that “It is a super big responsibility, but I feel that I did a good job. So to continue improving with everything for what comes.”

La Chimbi will now focus on the National Championship that returns to the ring this Sunday, August 7, when Colo Colo faces Fernández Vial at 11:00 a.m.

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