AnaLu: Peruvian singer launches her debut album entitled “This is what I talk about in therapy”

After releasing several singles that have positioned her as one of the most active artists on the new music scene, Peruvian singer AnaLu presents her first studio album, “This is what I talk about in therapy”a set of songs where she speaks honestly about everyday things, but also from the intimacy of someone who must face herself to get ahead.

“It’s literally all I talk about in therapy. The songs are about my anxiety over time, comparing myself to other people on social media, not knowing what love is, and feeling like sometimes I don’t do anything with my life.”says the artist, who used the creation of this album as a kind of catharsis to let go of those situations that are sometimes not so positive for her life.

As the songs came out I thought I had gotten over these issues, because I had already talked about them in therapy. I realized that, although I improved a lot, this music took another context in my life. Going to therapy is not a magical solution that will make you the happiest person in the world, but it is a means to overcome things that happen to you”, he highlights.

The album, already available on digital platforms, has the collaboration of several national artists in full force, such as Lorena Blume, Alejandro and María Laura, Clara Yolks, Carlos Cruzalegui, Elisa Tokeshi and Numeros Primos. They are all part of the new sound of folk, indie, pop, rock and singer-songwriter made in Peru.

This is what I talk about in therapy”, the new album by AnaLu, will be presented to the public on Saturday, August 6 at Selina in Miraflores.

I’m super excited for this concert, because it will be the release of my first album with the whole band live, and I still can’t believe it. We are preparing a very nice and loving show, with guests like Mayaendo, Lorena Blume, Clara Yolks, Micaela Salaverry, Nia Vanie and Carlos Cruzalegui.”, he emphasized.

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