Anatel approves Xiaomi bracelet; Is Redmi Smart Band 2 on its way?

A Xiaomi you may be close to launching your new fitness bracelet soon. In short, the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) approved, last week, the possible Rendmi Smart Band 2. The order was placed by DL Eletrônicos. The estimate is that the wearable will succeed the Redmi Band, which was announced in early 2020, with a long battery life.

The bracelet is recognized by the model “M2101B1”. In addition, it has already been approved in other countries, such as Russia, whose certification still mentions the terms “Smart band” and “Redmi”. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, in addition to the “Redmi” brand citation, the device is presented as “Smart Band”. Finally, the certification Bluetooth describes the gadget as “Sports Smart Band”.

In addition, Anatel’s documentation also mentions other details about the wearable. In addition to Xiaomi being the manufacturer, DL Eletrônicos is responsible for the registration request. The certificate of technical compliance also mentions a manufacturing unit in China, charging via USB, and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

Is Redmi Smart Band 2 on its way?

The 1st version of Xiaomi’s Redmi Band was released in April 2020. On the occasion, the manufacturer presented a fitness bracelet equal to the Mi Smart Band 4C, which was launched in July in Brazil. The device also had a 1.08-inch color screen, and a battery that was supposed to last up to 14 hours.

In addition, the wearable even had sensors to help with fitness. In addition to heart rate and sleep, the wearable also monitored exercise. The device’s bracelet had 4 color options: blue, orange, black and green.

Now, given the bracelet’s approval, speculations grow that Xiaomi may launch its new watch in the near future. So far, there is no official date for the object in Brazil.

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