“And Macron extended his hand to the National Rally…”

The macronie seems lost. It no longer has an absolute parliamentary majority. Many of its leaders were defeated in the legislative elections. For the first time since 2017, the assembly is no longer the Elysée’s decision-making chamber. Faced with this unprecedented scenario, all the hypotheses have sprung from the presidential camp. Government of national unity, dissolution, project coalition, anything that could provide the missing voices to pass the laws. Everything, including an alliance of convenience with the extreme right.

Among so many examples, Eric Dupond-Moretti hastened to call for “to move forward together” with the RN. MP Céline Calvez wishes “to seek their voices”while MP Sylvain Maillard says he is ready to ” discuss “ with the party of Marine Le Pen.

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The President of the Republic has once again damaged his word in an incredible contradiction. On April 10, the evening of the first round of the presidential election, he invited to support him against Marine Le Pen:

“Some will do it to block the far right, and I am fully aware that this will not be worth supporting the project I am carrying, and I respect it. »

But on June 22, after the legislative elections, he claimed to have been re-elected “on the basis of a clear project and giving me clear legitimacy”, and reached out to all parties, including the RN, for an alliance in the assembly. Such a reversal is disturbing but perfectly logical. It is the culmination of “neither right nor left” Macronian.

A technocratic vision

For two centuries, the right and the left have structured the political field. They defended opposing values: order against movement, freedom against equality, tradition against emancipation, the market against the State, etc.

However, in 2017, Macronism claimed to break with this story. the ” new world “ created a new divide: solutions that work versus ideas that don’t. In this technocratic world, age-old conflicts were demonetized. The old quarrels opposing socialism to liberalism, communism to fascism, internationalism to nationalism, ecology to productivism, all this had to be abandoned to history.

Far right: the historical responsibility of Emmanuel Macron

From now on, there would be on one side the party of solutions, moderation and the happy medium, embodied by Emmanuel Macron. On the other, the “extreme”, a category grouping together all the adversaries of macronism, characterized by their excesses in all things. This confusionism unfairly mixes the NUPES and the RN. But the most serious thing is that it makes possible new tactical alliances.

Indeed, in the Macronian universe, the far right is not a political family that has gone through two centuries of battles, nourished by a retrograde and xenophobic vision of the world, heir to Pétainism and the OAS. It’s just a camp with ideas too “extreme” to work. The best thing to do is therefore to seek a compromise to make ” to advance “ the country.

Indeed, if extremists accept the outstretched hand of moderates, they leave the extremist camp. They become frequentable since they agree to discuss. Agreements are possible. A common vision can emerge.

From now on, to be opposed to Macron is to be anti-Republican. Oh good ?

The calls of the foot to the RN deputies are therefore perfectly coherent in the mental universe of the macronists. It is about working together on effective solutions to solve the country’s problems. All goodwill is welcome. The idea of ​​a cordon sanitaire with the extreme right no longer has any reason to exist. the ” new world “ erased the red lines. Here pragmatism is synonymous with pure opportunism.

In 2019, two advisers to the president, Ismaël Emelien and David Amiel (recently elected deputy for Paris) summed up the Macronian ethic as follows:

“We must examine, in each case, the reality and the substance of the open possibilities, and the costs and losses that this implies, without naivety or dogmatism. »

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A zucchini seller could not have said it better. There is only one non-negotiable principle, which is that everything is negotiable with everyone. This is the spirit of macronism.

This is how the rampart facing the extreme right has become its springboard. Under the shock of defeat, faced with the collapse of its omnipotence, the Macronist camp is ready to do anything to retain power. Courage to the parliamentarians who will try to prevent the disaster to come.

Each week, alternately, philosophy professor Saïd Benmouffok and lawyer and political scientist Beligh Nabli chronicle the cultural battle.

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