And who comes out? The eleven albo with Ferreyra in the attack

After a long wait, Colo Colo has a new center forward and his name is Facundo Ferreyra, an Argentine attacker who has everything ready with the Cacique’s leadership and who should be entered in the ANFP’s pass book during this Friday day.

The Argentine forward is the player that Gustavo Quinteros waited for so long, especially after the poor contribution of Nicolás Blandi in the team and the lack of alternatives in the center of the attack in his squad.

With the arrival of Ferreyra there are several scenarios that could be seen in the assembly of the eleventh of the Cacique, even vforgetting the 4-3-3 seen a few months ago from the Santa Fe coach.

However, to carry this out, it will be necessary to skill some player in the attack of those who are usually playing, especially if the idea is to join Facundo upstairs with Iván Morales, current scorer for Cacique this season.

The first option would be keep 4-4-2 as scheme with Brayan Cortes in the bow; Óscar Opazo, Emiliano Amor, Maximiliano Falcón and Gabriel Suazo in defence; Vicente Pizarro, Leonardo Gil, Gabriel Costa and Pablo Solari in the midfield; Iván Morales and Facundo Ferreyra up front.

The interpreters can vary, since It remains to be expected how Jeyson Rojas will return from his injury and whether he will be able to regain Opazo’s position. In addition, it could enter Joan Cruz for Vicente Pizarro for the U20 quota.

Facundo Ferreyra

Facundo Ferreyra can contribute several goals to Colo Colo. | Photo: Getty Images.

Is also the alternative that it is a 4-3-3 like the one from a few months ago, but with the real option of having to put Ferreyra or Morales as the only alternative within the area.

There the team could be with Brayan Cortés; Óscar Opazo, Emiliano Amor, Maximiliano Falcón and Gabriel Suazo in defense; Vicente Pizarro, Leonardo Gil and Gabriel Costa; Marcos Bolados, Iván Morales or Facundo Ferreyra and Pablo Solari.

Doubts that Gustavo Quinteros will have to begin to settle to find the ideal eleven in this second round of the tournament. The good news is that apparently alternatives will not be lacking for the Santa Fe.

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