Andamanda Phuket: Mega water park to attract tourists to Thailand

Thailand wants to make its popular seaside resort Phuket even more attractive – with a mega water park. In addition to the huge wave pool and a variety of slides, there will be daily shows and a floating market.

Just in time for the restart of tourism in Thailand, a new attraction opens in the holiday paradise of Phuket: the Andamanda Phuket water park, which combines 36 slides and a 10,000 square meter wave pool on an area of ​​around nine hectares. The park in the center of Thailand’s largest island is scheduled to open its doors on May 22nd.

The name derives from the species-rich Andaman Sea in the Indian Ocean
Phuket located. The website speaks of a “sea adventure that immerses itself in the stories of Thai mythology”.

“I’m confident that Andamanda Phuket will motivate tourists around the world to come to Thailand,” said Thapanee Kiatphaibool of Thailand’s Tourism Authority TAT at the presentation in Bangkok.

The slides have names like “Aqua Loop”, “Bubba Tub” and “Whizzard”. In addition to the water attractions, daily shows, parades and performances are also planned to reflect the culture of Thailand. There is also a 5300 square meter play area for children and a – typically Thai – floating market. The costs for the mega park amount to around 123 million euros. In the coming year, management is hoping for around one million guests.

Last year, Phuket was the first travel destination in the country to again receive tourists for quarantine-free stays under certain conditions. Since then, the number of tourists has increased steadily. “We are already seeing a positive trend with the easing of entry restrictions,” said Phuket Tourism Authority President Bhummikitti Ruktaengam. Currently, around 3,000 to 5,000 tourists come to the island every day. For the last quarter of 2022, the industry is hoping for at least 9,000 arrivals a day.

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