Anders Öfvergård makes a comeback in the TV box – after the contract drama

Now the controversial profile returns to the television box.

Ander Öfvergård, 54, has been seen in Arga snicaren, Anders knocks and most recently Robinson. However, he has not been seen since TV4 broke its contract with him last year.

Even his social media has been unusually quiet since the contract drama.

Now comes the news that we will once again see Anders Öfvergård in the TV box.

Therefore, TV4 broke the contract with Anders Öfvergård

In 2021, Anders allegedly behaved inappropriately towards a female employee at a staff party. When this was revealed, TV4 chose to break all cooperation with the presenter.

In a text message to Expressen, Anders himself wrote:

“It’s true that I was rude. I have apologized and I will gladly do so again. It was not okay of me and I am sorry for that.”

The last season of Robinson with Anders as host was already finished recording at the time of the incident and was therefore broadcast in the spring. Anders Öfvergård has not been seen on TV since then.

In the coming seasons, former Robinson presenter Anders Lundin will take over from Öfvergård.

Anders Öfvergård once again current on TV

Anders Öfvergård became famous through Arga snickaren, which aired on Kanal 5. He was then recruited to TV4, but when he now returns to television, he is once again back with the competitor Kanal 5.

But in which program will we see him then? It is nothing less than Filip and Fredrik’s quiz program Alla mot alla that Anders will participate in!

The program premieres at the end of August and we will have the “Angry Carpenter” compete together with Sanna Lundell, 43, against, among others, the Let’s Dance judge Tony Irving, 56, the radio profile Hanna Hellquist, 42, and the artist Markus Krunegård, 43, and more , reports The Express.

Exciting with a new season of All against all!

Photo: TT

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