Anders Öfvergård’s anger – after the racist scandal in Robinson

Anders Öfvergård threw Tommie Gyllin out of Robinson

Anders Öfvergård. Photo: TV4

There were hot feelings in Tuesday’s Robinson episode when a racist scandal was discovered.

It’s a dramatic season by Robinson. Tuesday’s episode was no exception. The host Anders Öfvergård, 54, gathered all the participants on the beach. The confusion among the participants was total as Anders Öfvergård never did anything similar during the program.

Anders Öfvergård is the host of Robinson.

Anders Öfvergård.

WIXTRÖM PETER / Aftonbladet

When the participants were gathered, Anders took note and was very clear in his way of speaking.

– This is how it is, I want to go away and talk to Tommie and I want the rest of you to stay here. See you again soon, says Anders, and takes the participant Tommie Gyllin aside.

Anders, who was noticeably upset, then told the participant, Tommie Gyllin, that he would pack his bags and leave the program when he broke Robinson’s rules.

– It was sad, Tommie answers.

– Yes, it’s sad, answers a noticeably upset Anders Öfvergård.

That’s why Tommie was thrown out

In the program, it never appears to viewers what Tommie must have done to be thrown out. But according to Aftonbladet it is a racist scandal where Tommie is said to have expressed racist towards the participant, Angela Maria Pereira Praxedes on two occasions.

Anders Öfvergård throws Tommie out of Robinson

Here Anders Öfvergård throws Tommie out of Robinson. Photo: TV4

– I sit by the fire and comb my hair and I hear how he comes behind me and says “why are you sitting there with your n * ger hair?”, Says the participant Angela Maria Pereira Praxedes to Aftonbladet.

Tommie’s version differs when Aftonbladet confronts him with the story.

– We sat and talked about hair. When I was 13, I permed my hair and I was told that I had always wanted an afro hair, but I happened to say the n-word in front. As soon as I said that, I apologized and said that it was not the intention to say so, says Tommie to Aftonbladet.

Tommie means that he has been treated badly by the production.

– This is not right. I have been treated incorrectly from the production. There is nothing in the contract that says you are not allowed to use words about yourself. I said I wanted afro hair where I said the n-word, I did not say it to any other person. It would not have happened if the production had handled this correctly and followed what is stated in the contracts on how to proceed with current harassment and they broke their own code of conduct.

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