Andor: Season 2 of the Star Wars series will not be released anytime soon, announces the showrunner

Andor, the new Star Wars series from Disney+ doesn’t come out until tomorrow, but we already know that season 2 won’t be arriving anytime soon. Showrunner Tony Gilroy gave more details about the release of the second part of the Star Wars series with its 12 episodes.

The Andor series is the next in the Star Wars saga to arrive on Disney+. The first 3 episodes of season 1 will be available September 21. There are 12 in total with a new episode every week. This season was supposed to air on August 31 before it was pushed back to September. The second season also includes 12 episodes was confirmed several months ago, but that doesn’t mean it’s coming soon. Indeed, showrunner Tony Gilroy gave rather disappointing news for this second part.

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Season 2 of Andor will be released on Disney+, but you will have to be patient before you can discover it. In the words of Tony Gilroy, the second season will not arrive before 2024. Fans will therefore have to wait two years between the two parts of the Star Wars series. In any case, the first reviews of season 1 are already very positive, so the wait will certainly be worth it.

Filming for Andor season 2 will begin in November

During an interview with TheWrap to celebrate Andor’s arrival on Disney+, Tony Gilroy explained what’s in store for season 2. ” I still have two years to go. We will start shooting part 2 in November “said the showrunner.

He then added that: we will be filming from November to August. And then our post-production last time was about a year “. If Andor season 2 follows the same sequence as season 1, it will surely arrive for fall 2024 on the streaming platform. Besides, no Jedi will appear on screen in this Star Wars spin-off.

As for Andor’s synopsis, the new Star Wars series follows the adventures of Cassian Andor, the spy-rebel again played by Diego Luna. It takes place five years before the mission to the planet Scarif that we saw in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in 2016. The series will show how Cassian Andor became an important figure in the fight against the Empire. As Diego Luna said, ” he [Cassian] has been talking about being part of this fight since he was six years old in Rogue One. He speaks of a very dark past. He talks about doing terrible things for the rebellion. We’ll find out what he meant by that. Tony Gilroy’s writing is really interesting and complex “.

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