Andor season 2: release date, plot, cast, everything we already know

The first season of Andor is coming to an end on Disney+ and the first information around season 2 is starting to flow. The latter will consist of 12 episodes and will tell the days and hours preceding the events of the film Rogue One.

Andor, season 2 © Disney, Lucasfilm, Tom's Guide
Andor, season 2 © Disney, Lucasfilm, Tom’s Guide

We have good news and bad news regarding season 2 of the series Star Wars: Andor. The good news is that the Disney+ series continues and has just been renewed for at least a second season. The bad news, however, is when the sequel will hit the small screen.

If we still have little information about him, we have however gathered a maximum of details and rumors about him here. Possible release date, plot, scenario: we dissect season 2 of Andor which should arrive in 2024.

Andor season 2: the latest information

Andor season 2 release date: when will we see the sequel?

We don’t know the Andor Season 2 release date yet, but we can look at last season’s schedule to give us some clues. Originally, season 1 of Andor was supposed to be filmed between November 2020 and July 2021. Filming then wrapped up in September 2021. The series will have launched a year later, in September 2022.

Star Wars: Andorra © Disney
Star Wars: Andorra © Disney

At this point, we know Andor Season 2 is set to begin filming on November 21, 2022. If Andor Season 2 sticks to the above schedule and avoids another Covid-19 outbreak (which is a long way to be acquired), it is not a stretch to believe that we could see the release of season 2 of Andor in July 2024. That would correspond to eight months of filming and a year of post-production. After all, Gilroy, the director himself said that we shouldn’t expect to see season 2 until 2024, and that filming for the series would probably end in August 2023, with a year of post-production. .

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Andor Season 2 Cast

There couldn’t be Andor season 2 without Diego Luna, who plays Cassian Jeron Andor, symbol of the Rebel Alliance. We already know from Rogue One that he will become a soldier, pilot and intelligence officer. The director has also already mentioned the return of the droid K-2SO, just like B2EMO.

As for the rest of the likely Andor season 2 cast, there’s a good chance we’ll see Luthen Rael played by Stellan Skarsgård again, including Saw Gerrera (Forest Whitaker), who we know is half-man. , half-machine in Rogue One.

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Karis Nemik
Karis Nemik in Andor © Disney

Dedra Meero (Denise Gough) and Syril Karn (Kyle Soller) should also be back. Finally, the other character we expect to see more of is Mon Mothma (Genevieve O’Reilly). His daughter, Leida (Bronte Carmichael) too. Banker Davo Sculdun (Richard Dillane) will likely be there too, as will Mothma’s husband Perrin Fertha (Alastair Mackenzie). Sadly, we don’t expect to see more Maarva Andor (Fiona Shaw), Cassian’s deceased mother off-camera, as well as Karis Nemik.

The returns of Brasso (Joplin Sibtain), Bix Caleen (Adria Arjona) who is detained and tortured by the BSI, and Salman Paak (Abhin Galeya), who ran the communications tower used by Bix to communicate with Luthen, are more mixed. Salman’s son Wilmon (Muhannad Bhaier) is expected to return.

Andor Season 2 Plot

The story, as it stands, is simple. Cassian Andor, emblematic character of the Rebellion, is a man on the run. Mon Mothma, pillar of the same group as him, struggles to really control his destiny. Luther Rael and Saw Guerrera disagree. Meanwhile, Dedra Meero and Syril Karn attempt to quell the insurgency.

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Obviously, Andor Season 2 will be about how these people will evolve and the forces that will push them in directions they might not expect. What we do know for a fact, though, is that Andor’s season 2 finale will tie directly into Rogue One. Gilroy has already stated that the 24th and final episode of Andor ” will take audiences directly into the opening scenes of Rogue One “.

We will update this file as we receive information. If you haven’t seen season 1 of Andor yet, here are 5 things to know before watching the new Star Wars series.

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