Andrea San Martín will have a breast lift: “My teas… come out… scary”

In recent months, show business characters have gone through the plastic surgeon to get some ‘touch ups’. andrea san martin would be the next, after commenting that she would like to “fix” her breasts.

According to the report of ‘love and fire‘, the influencer reported that she no longer likes the figure of her chest. “I am zero rocky and besides this is as if I had a bikini on, so reported.

“Then, . For people who are interested in this procedure, I already passed consultation. You can’t even see this part of the top because my t… is down. . It’s like 4 to 6 inches off the size where it should be.”he said in his story.

In addition, she stressed that she has nothing to do with her daughters, but she would no longer consider being a mother again. “Obviously, I’m happy that I breastfed. I am past my time of having little or baby daughters and indicated.

On the other hand, the ex-chica reality sent a message to her detractors on the internet. “And for the macho, not my love. ended.

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