Andrea San Martín’s lawyer announces that he would stop representing her in her process against Juan Víctor

HE TIRED. It seems that the scandal involving Andrea San Martín in her legal process with Juan Victor ended up tiring the lawyer Wilmer Arica, who in declarations for Amor y Fuego, announced that he would be thinking of stopping representing the green-eyed woman.

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“I am evaluating talking with my sponsored and stop exercising their legal defense”, said the specialist in a message for Rodrigo González’s program on Wednesday, November 24.

He also took the opportunity to send a strong message to the media, which made public in a confrontation between the model and the commercial pilot, the same one that dates back several months, when she began dating again with the father of her first daughter, Sebastián Lizarzaburu.

“In itself it is very exhausting to carry out processes of violence against women and members of the family group, even more so when Through television programs, instead of showing empathy and solidarity with these victims, what they do is judge them through their past behaviors to discredit them”, Dr. Arica said in reference to the fact that many describe Andrea San Martín as “toxic” and manipulative.

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Thus, he asked the media to be more cautious with “victims of psychological or physical violence.” “They are one of the reasons why many women victims of violence do not report events of this type, leading to what we know as femicide. Let’s reflect ”, sentenced the lawyer.

TROME - Andrea San Martín |  Juan Víctor Sánchez denounces her again for family violence
Andrea San Martín, her two daughters and Sebastian Lizarzaburu went to the beach for the weekend. Juan Víctor had no idea where his little girl was and the green-eyed woman did not let her see her on Tuesday, according to a complaint at the police station.


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