Andrés Wiese and Erick Elera star in an emotional meeting after rumors of the return of AFHS: “We were two babies, we didn’t know what was going to happen”

Andrés Wiese was this Thursday as a guest on the America TV program “En boca de todos” on America TV to talk about his participation in the TV series “Board of neighbors”, which will premiere on December 13. However, the production surprised the actor with the presence of Erick Elera, his former partner of “At the bottom there is room.”

“I’m not going to say ‘Ricolas’, because I’m going to say ‘Andres Wiese, he knows what he’s saying'”, said the singer after appearing on the television set.

“How rich hugs, from friends, from brothers, many years of recording”, said Tula Rodríguez. “They love each other very much, friends, accomplices, they started out small”, Maju commented for her part, while the actors hugged each other.

The actors acknowledged that their friendship was consolidated when they shared roles in “Al fondo hay Sitio”.

“We were two babies, we didn’t know what was going to happen”, Andres commented. “In fact, it was a great opportunity to be part of ‘At the bottom there is a site’, we knew it could work, but we didn’t know how much. We have made a beautiful friendship, we are of the same sign, he has his birthday in December and so do I “, Erick Elera added.

Likewise, the singer acknowledged that his daughter Flavia – who gave life to ‘Nelly Francesca’ in “At the bottom there is a site” – loves Andrés Wiese, who was her father in fiction.

“Flavia unites us, she appreciates Andrés very much, he is still her father in fiction, she admires him and loves him a lot, there is a love involved who is like a godfather”, Elera pointed out.

“It shouldn’t be easy to confide what you love the most in the world, your daughter, to someone, even if she is a friend, and I thank Erick and Flavia’s mother for that. I have really enjoyed recording with Flavia ”, replied the actor from “Board of neighbors.”

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