Android 13 is official: see 7 news that will arrive on your phone

Android 13 is finally among us! During the display of Google I/O 2022, which took place this Wednesday (11), the search giant presented its new version of the operating system with several innovative features. Among the news are improvements to security and privacy, as well as new customization options, a new digital wallet, and much more. See below for all the news.

What’s new in Android 13?

New colors and icons for customization

Still based on the Material You interface — Google’s design language — Android 13 is offering new features for those who like to change the face of their phone. It will now be possible to further customize the menu colors, font details of the system and still choose between several different icon optionss that adapt to the system.

Android 13's New Customization Modes (Credit: Google/Play)
Android 13’s New Customization Modes (Credit: Google/Play)

Another very interesting novelty for those who speak several languages ​​is the possibility of customize the language according to the application used. For example, you can make your social networks in English, while your bank app is in French.

Security and privacy when accessing photos

To further facilitate the immersion of security functions, the platform now has a security and privacy page which works just like a control panel. Through it it is possible to check if there are problems with your personal data, such as to know if any of your passwords recorded in the system have been leaked.

Android 13 Security & Privacy Page (Credit: Google/Play)
Android 13 Security & Privacy Page (Credit: Google/Play)

Still in security, the company has implemented a feature called photo picker. Through it, the user can decide which photos and videos a particular app can have access to, instead of giving access to the entire library of files.

Group encrypted messages

In order to compete for space with WhatsApp, for example, Google announced a new phase of its app Google Messages. The app has been around since 2017, it is not so popular in the world market and until then it only offered encrypted messages in private chats. From now on, the service now also offers end-to-end encryption for messages sent in groups, making each user’s privacy even more secure.

Better integration between devices

In addition to the operating system itself, Google makes cell phones, routers, smart watches, chromebooks, and more. However, communication between these devices was never “round”. With Android 13, the company hopes to change that and promises a more fluid integration among the most different devices.

The idea is that, as already happens in Apple’s iOS, you can, for example, copy an item from a cell phone and paste it on another device, such as a tablet. This integration will also benefit users who use several devices at the same time, but with the same Bluetooth headset. It will be possible switch audio sourcelike a tablet that is playing a playlist on Spotify, and with just a few taps, you switch to a call on your mobile.

Even cars with Android 13-based multimedia systems will receive new integration features such as Chromecast support. This will make it easy to stream, for example, a cell phone video on YouTube to the car screen.

Even more connected home

Still speaking of integration, but applying more to smart home gadgets, Android 13 now has Matte supportr, a type of protocol adopted in several products in this market, such as light bulbs and smart plugs, for example. Through Google’s new system, these gadgets will be easily recognized and connected with the cell phone.

Quick match for everyone

the resource of fast bluetooth pairing it is very useful. You can easily start listening to your music on a wireless headset with virtually no effort to connect it to your cell phone. The only problem is that this feature was only available for Google accessories.

With the arrival of Android 13, the company guarantees that it will be different and has already announced that gadgets from other brands, such as JBL, Sony, Philips and Fitbit, will be easily integrated into the user’s cell phone or tablet.

Google Wallet

The search giant is also adding a new digital wallet, called Google Wallet. In fact, she goes replace Google Pay — popular system for making contactless payments. With the new name, the company offers not only an accessory to facilitate payment, but a literally virtual wallet.

Google Wallet is the new Android 13 virtual wallet (Credit: Google/Play)
Google Wallet is the new Android 13 virtual wallet (Credit: Google/Play)

In addition to payments for purchases at establishments and public transport fares, Google Wallet will allow you to store virtual documents, such as an ID card, driver’s license, vaccination card, hotel keys and so on.

When will Android 13 be released?

Since the first preview, released in February this year, the Google development team has been working to release the official version of Android 13. Starting this Wednesday (11), the system will only be available to application developers.

Android 13 release schedule (Credit: Google/Play)
Android 13 release schedule (Credit: Google/Play)

The idea is that from August Android 13 starts coming to cell phones. First, it should officially appear on the Pixel line smartphones, manufactured by Google itself. Then, it should be released gradually to other Android phone manufacturers.

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