Android: August 2022 security and pixel patch released

Google released the August 2022 security patch. Not only the “normal” one, because there is also the update for qualified Pixel devices as well as a separate one for the upcoming Android 13, which is in its final stages before completion.

The monthly Android Security Bulletin provides details on security vulnerabilities affecting Android devices. Security patch levels of 8/5/2022 or later fix all of these issues.

The most severe of these issues in the bulletin is a critical system component vulnerability that could lead to remote code execution over Bluetooth without requiring additional execution permissions.

The pixel lists a whole bunch of closed gaps that have the severity “Critical”. Not all details have been released, that will only happen when the majority of users have the update. An excerpt:

CVE References Type Severity component
CVE-2022-20237 A-229621649 * RCE critical modem
CVE-2022-20400 A-225178325* RCE critical modem
CVE-2022-20402 A-218701042 * RCE critical modem
CVE-2022-20403 A-207975764 * RCE critical modem

Pixel users can take a look to see if the update is already arriving.

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