Android: How to connect your smartphone to your TV

All or the vast majority of us know the ability of smartphones with the Android operating system to connect with other devices such as tablets, computers and televisions. But, what happens when the TV is not smart?

The process is simple when it comes to a smart TV, but some users may struggle. Everything is easier if it is a smart TV compatible with Chromecast.

However, normal televisions work just as well with an Android phone if we know how to connect it correctly and enjoy series, movies, share photos with your friends and family, watch memes on social networks, play video games and everything you can do by sharing the image of the device on the TV screen.

One cable fixes everything

The easiest way to connect an Android phone to a TV is with an HDMI cable. To do this, the first thing is to check if the TV has an HDMI input.

Assuming the TV was purchased within the last few years, it will almost certainly have an HDMI port capable of receiving video and audio signals from an external device. Most of the time, it’s located on the back panel of a TV, and some TVs also have ports on the side.

The next step is to find out the type of USB port on the Android smartphone. Newer models come with USB-C and older models have microUSB. Anyways, you will need to buy an HDMI adapter that fits the smartphone port.

Then connect the adapter to the smartphone, and then via a standard HDMI cable to the TV’s input port as well, lor that it should bring the content of your phone screen to the TV.

The best solution: a Chromecast

A Google Chromecast It allows the video, series or movie that we are watching on our phone to be transmitted wirelessly to a television. It’s relatively easy to set up, and once it’s in place, streaming content to the screen is as easy as touching an icon on the phone screen.

To set up a Chromecast, you need to connect it to the TV and then connect the USB cable that came with the device to a power source.

Thereafter, you will need the free Google Home app for Android, which is available on the Play Store. Once the app is downloaded to your smartphone, the “add device” option, shown as + in the upper left corner of the interface, allows you to go through the “Set up device” process.

Select “New Device” from the options on the screen, follow the simple prompts, and you should end up with your phone linked to the Chromecast as long as they’re on the same WiFi network. Compatible Apps will show a button to broadcast or you can stream directly from Google’s Chrome browser.

With these steps, either with cable or with Chromecast, you will be able to see what you see on your Android smartphone on the TV screen.

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