Android: What happens when you don’t update your smartphone software?

Many people look down on when the smartphone, Android in this case, ask for some update. And no: it is a necessary situation, which is improving the smartphone. It is a way of taking care of the device.

Software updates offer data protections, functional bug fixes, and performance improvements. Ignoring updates can be expensive.

And among the smartphones on the market, none need these modifications more than Android systems.

Explain Slashgear that “in addition to the OS-level updates offered by Google, smartphone makers must make their own set of changes based on available hardware and custom software tweaks to handle many responsibilities.”

Being much cheaper, Android smartphones are better sellers than Apple ones.

Being much cheaper, Android smartphones are better sellers than Apple ones.

As the Droidrant portal points out, “When it comes to price, Android has an advantage over the iPhone. A smartphone can cost as little as $100, which is a month’s salary for many. And with cheaper models on the market, Android is a more obvious choice for people on a budget.”

With this, always It is necessary to take any type of measure that extends the life of a smartphone. And one of them is updating, whether the user likes it or not. It is fair and necessary.

Three things that happen when you don’t update your Android software

What happens when you don’t update Android software?

You miss out on new features: new user interface design, customization tools, more refined privacy systems, and other features.

The smartphone is vulnerable to attacks: when the updates bring security patches they correct vulnerabilities, maintaining the useful life of the system for a long time. As Slashgear reminds, “a critical security vulnerability can cause a lot of damage, it can be exploited for ransomware or used by bad actors for surveillance.”

Performance issues increase: There are always errors that affect the operation of an application, also influencing the high use of the battery and the overheating of the smartphone.

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