Andy Kusnetzoff made an important decision to compete with Mirtha Legrand

After the return of Mirtha Legrand to television, the cycle of Andy Kusnetzoff once again he finds a rival from the hand of the diva, who this weekend, despite the fact that it was the day of his return, failed to win the fight for the rating of the Telefé program. Despite this, the former “CQC” does not want to fall asleep on his laurels and has already prepared a table to compete with La Chiqui.

On this occasion, the driver Andy Kusnetzoff decided to put together a strong meeting, made up of former soccer player Sebastián “El Loco” Abreu, streamer Martín “Coscu” Perez Di Salvo, musician Lit Killah, model Sofía Zámolo and actress Mirta Busnelli, according to the newspaper Crónica. On the other hand, they also report that Mirtha will have a special guest: she will sit down to talk with the journalist Jorge Lanata, with whom she shares a television signal.

The journalist will be present at the table that La Chiqui will set up this week.

With this table Andy Kusnetzoff is going to try to surpass La Chiqui once again in rating. Well, even though he averaged 8.1 during his return, he did not manage to exceed the 8.6 of “Podemos Hablar”despite the fact that there were times when Mirtha reached 10 points.

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