Andy Ruiz could fight in the CDMX Zócalo in September

The president of the WBC spoke with Infobae México about what is coming for Mexican boxing and the plans for the “Destroyer” (Video: Luz Coello / Infobae México)

After the Mexico City set a new World Record with the largest boxing class in the world last Saturday, June 18, the president of the World Boxing Council (WBC), Mauricio Sulaimanrevealed the plans he has for the future and anticipated what would come for Andrew Ruizthe former heavyweight champion.

At the end of the massive boxing class in the Zócalo of the capital, Mauricio Sulaiman spoke with Infobae Mexico and advanced the request made by the destroyer on bring your September fight to the nation’s capital. The president of the WBC assured that during the sporting event -which brought together 14,299 participants- the destroyer suggested that it could be presented on September 4 at the main esplanade of the city’s main square.

“He has a fight already signed on September 4 and his wish is to come to fight in Mexico”.

Andy Ruiz expressed his desire to fight in Mexico City on September 4 (Photo: REUTERS/Quetzalli Nicte-Ha)

And it is that after reception that Andy Ruiz had among the participants of the Guinness Recordthe 32-year-old boxer made his goal clear by bringing one of his official undercard bouts to the Mexico City and the scenario that I would choose would be the Plinthso he would be willing to negotiate so that his next fight is in the capital of the country and share his return to the ring with the Mexican public.

This is how Mauricio Sulaimán explained it to Infobae Mexico:

“He made a request to us up here on the stage, he wants his September 4 fight to be shown here in the Zócalo so that people can see him performing above the ring.”

Andy Ruiz's last fight was against Chris Arreola (Photo: Harry How / Getty Images via AFP)
Andy Ruiz’s last fight was against Chris Arreola (Photo: Harry How / Getty Images via AFP)

It will be a matter of time to know the official headquarters of his fight since, after the massive boxing class ended, Andrew Ruiz dedicated a few words to the public and confirmed the next official date in which he will put on his gloves to fight again in the heavyweights. will be the Sunday September 4 of this 2022 when he returns to the ring.

“It is an honor to be here with you, it is a pleasure. I fight September 4 and this victory that I am going to win is going to be for you, for all the race that you are supporting”, assured the destroyer.

He also encouraged boxing fans to follow their goals, as he stated that if he could be a champion, any boy or girl who dreams of it can achieve it.

“Everyone has dreams, everyone wants to achieve something, but everything is possible. All the ‘little faces’ who want to be world champion, yes you can! I did it, you can do it too”.


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