Angel Kaoru surprises with her excellent Bayonetta cosplay inspired by a fan art

In mid-July, Nintendo gave us news of Bayonetta 3 by releasing a new trailer and confirming that the game will arrive on the Nintendo Switch on October 28. Although we still have to wait a few months for the game to arrive, we can accompany the wait by admiring the incredible cosplay of Bayonetta What did the cosplayer do? Angel Kaoru.

Ángel Kaoru is a very talented Ecuadorian cosplayer who has been active in the scene for more than a decade, so she has a lot of experience that is reflected in the quality of her costumes. The most recent work she submitted is an incredible Bayonetta cosplay, inspired by fan art by illustrator William MonoriRogue.

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Bayonetta is a game developed by Platinum Games but the latest installments have been exclusive to Nintendo, as the company was the only one willing to pay for its development. Thanks to this we have seen new aspects of Bayonetta such as the short hair on which Angel Kaoru and the illustrator were based.

The first time we saw Angel Kaoru cosplaying as Bayonetta was last week, when she unveiled a reel showing her transformation into the attractive witch. However, yesterday we were able to take a better look at her cosplay, as the Ecuadorian cosplayer posted new photos on her Instagram account.

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Without a doubt, the Bayonetta cosplay that Ángel Kaoru did has to be among her best works, because the result she showed is spectacular and shows the same attitude that we could expect from the witch. If you like Ángel Kaoru’s cosplays, I recommend that you follow her on her social networks, as she is quite active and usually presents new cosplays very often.

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