Anger at SVT after the presenters’ behavior – happened in the middle of Elizabeth’s funeral

SVT receives harsh criticism after the behavior in the live broadcast!

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The death of Queen Elizabeth has engaged an entire world. Millions have gathered in the streets and squares to take part in the mourning ceremony, and the funeral was attended by roughly 2,000 guests.

Heads of state, royalty and presidents from all over the world attended the funeral ceremony in Westminster Abbey. It was clear that many wanted to say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth, who sat on the throne for 70 years.

The funeral was watched by billions

The media interest was enormous and several British television channels broadcast 24 hours without any commercial breaks. Before the funeral, it was thought that roughly four billion people would take part in the broadcast.

In Sweden, television viewers could follow the funeral on SVT, among others. The broadcast started at 10.30 with Anna Hedenmo as presenter, and when the funeral began at 12, it was commented by Ann-Britt Ryd Pettersson and court expert Roger Lundgren.

Anna Hedenmo

The broadcast of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral in SVT started with the presenter Anna Hedenmo.


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SVT receives harsh criticism after the funeral

And not everyone seemed to be entirely happy with the program. In the channel’s comment field on Facebook are now many who are expressing their dissatisfaction and thought there was far too much talk during the ceremony.

“Can the commentators please stop talking constantly! Crikey! You can neither see parades nor listen to the organ music or bagpipe music, just listen to an eternal grind from the commentators. Really think Svt that you want to listen to them when you sat on tvn to watch the funeral. You get a headache instead from their babble”one person writes.

“Dbesides, they comment on completely wrong things. Not what happens on the screen, for example the people you see in the picture entering the abbey, etc. but a lot of other unimportant things”writes another.

Queen Elizabeth's funeral

Many thought that the commentators in SVT talked too much.

Elliott Franks

Photo: TT/SVT

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