Angry outburst in the middle of the gala dinner at the castle – raging against the king

King Felipe’s visit to Stockholm has led to great anger.

King Felipe, 53, and his queen Letizia, 49, brought a hefty dose of Southern glamor to the castle. The first Spanish state visit in 42 years required not just one but two royal procession cars that were driven into the Inner Courtyard.

Felipe and Letizia politely greeted King and Queen Silvia, before the royal quartet lined up for photography. Then followed various hits for the Spanish royal couple, first a visit to the Nobel Museum in the Old Town and a showing of a special exhibition about the artist Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Nobel Laureate in Medicine in 1906.

King Felipe visits Sweden – but the pictures arouse anger

The King, Queen Silvia and King Felipe

King Felipe did not wear a mouth guard indoors, as is the case in Spain.

Then followed a seminar at Karolinska Institutet in Solna, where specialists told the guests about how to work around disability and rare diagnoses.

And finally: the gala dinner! A magnificent event in the castle’s ballroom White Sea with 89 guests.

Common to all these activities was that the Spanish royal couple did not wear mouth guards under them. It may not be further striking here in Sweden, but in Spain, where there is a mandatory mouth guard indoors, there has been a strong reaction to seeing pictures of royalty with exposed faces.

“He laughs at the people”

This can be seen on social media.

“The king apparently does not need a mouth guard in Sweden. And then he laughs at the people he left behind in Spain,” writes one user.

“I do not understand why the kings do not wear mouth guards indoors on this trip. It seems to me very good that the Swedes do what they consider appropriate, it is their country. But everything has a limit,” writes another.

“I thought the king used a mouth guard based on a conviction, but he is like me, he wears it in Spain only when it is mandatory, because in Sweden, where it is not mandatory, he does not wear it,” writes a third.

“The mouthguard, where is the mouthguard? Aha, he only wears it in Spain …”, writes a fourth.

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