Aníbal Fernández recalled his relationship with Maradona and also answered Patricia Bullrich

Beyond the good relationship with Diego and the things he told, Aníbal spoke of the work of the security forces in terms of drug trafficking, he preferred not to refer to the alleged attack on the Clarín headquarters, but did not avoid the bulge when talking about the murder of Lucas González.

Aníbal Fernández also replied to Patricia Bullrich’s statements that she had requested the intervention of federal forces in Rosario. Aníbal assured that those thoughts belong to the facho segment of Argentina and recalled that the law prevents the intervention of Federal Forces in the provinces. And he doubted that the former minister does not know him for what he speaks to sweeten the ears of his followers.

In addition, the minister made explicit the work that is being carried out in Santa Fe.

This is what the president of the PRO had said, pretending to be distracted by what the law says.

Tweet from Patricia Bullrich

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