Aníbal Fernández supported the re-election of the President and challenged CFK: "let him compete"

The Minister of Security of the Nation, Aníbal Fernández, supported the candidacy of President Alberto Fernández to run for reelection in 2023 and even dared to challenge Vice President Cristina Kirchner, amid rumors of a possible candidacy of the former president. .

“I don’t know if Cristina should be a candidate. Each one decides. What I know is that the President earned the right to compete for re-election and I will support that decision,” he said.

In statements to The uncovering Y ContinentalFernández sent a message to the former president, given the rumors of an eventual nomination in 2023: “If Cristina wants to run, let her run and compete.”

In the midst of the internal one that shakes the national government, the head of Security stands as a staunch defender of the Head of State and one of the most critical of the officials who question his management. In this sense, he welcomed the president’s decision to fire those officials who do not agree with the rate policy set by the national government. “It was a historic gesture of authority,” he asserted.

“One has to be clear about what we are talking about and what he has to abide by: the policy is set by the President, and if the President is setting a certain policy and there is someone who puts spokes in the wheel, there comes a time when he should run away, go to work in another place and let one get his act together and do things as they are,” he said in that sense.

“I don’t know if they want to leave and I don’t have a vocation for them to leave either. The only thing I’m saying is that the President’s decisions have to be followed,” he added.

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