Aníbal Mosa wants yes or yes the renovation of Quinteros

Gustavo Quinteros has generated a consensus within Blanco y Negro that had not been produced for a long time. Today the entire board of directors agrees that a coach continues to command Colo Colo.

The good results and the great management of the group have made the Bolivian nationalized Argentine keep everyone happy and, through a press conference, they will communicate that they will do everything possible to renew him.

Aníbal Mosa, former president of Blanco y Negro, spoke with radio ADN and expressed his wishes that the trainee continue to command the ship. “We have approved that Morón enters to talk with his representative. There will be meetings, I do not know if tomorrow or the day after, but we have every intention that he continue. Hopefully this is as fast as possible to have stability in the sports part one or two years “, he expressed.

He further added that, “I would be interested if he stayed for two more years because he can already develop his sports project. It will not be much of a problem for us to reach an agreement”.

On the renewal of the campus, Aníbal Mosa was also clear. “We have every intention of keeping this team. They are players who have had an excellent performance, who have adapted to the work of Quinteros. We intend to face the 2022 season with this base of players”he explained.

Aníbal Mosa wants Gustavo Quinteros to continue

Finally, he said that he is happy in his new role at Colo Colo. “Happy with the development of the team, the youth, the coaching staff. Everything is going well. I’ve felt good. It will not be the first time that I find myself in this situation. I am colocolino, it does not matter in the function that I have to be “, he sentenced.

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