Animals in need: Mülheim animal shelter: Minnie the cat had broken two legs

The animal shelter Mülheim is looking for a new home for the young velvet paws Minnie. The new owners can look forward to this “dreamlike” cat.

  • Tierheim Mülheim: The young cat lady Minnie is looking for a new home.
  • Minnie is currently recovering from an operation because she had two broken legs, according to the Mülheim animal shelter.
  • Tierheim Mülheim: The new owners can look forward to this cat.

Young cat lady Minnie hasn’t had much luck in her life so far. Minnie was found in Oberhausen and taken to an animal clinic by the public order office because she had broken two legs.

The cat underwent immediate surgery at the clinic for the injuries and is now recovering. “Minnie has a fantastic personality,” says animal shelter manager Marion Niederdorf and reports on the young velvet paw: “She endured all the treatments and post-x-rays.” According to the animal shelter, Minnie is about a year old, she is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

“The new owners will have to pay veterinary costs in the next few months because the metal has to be removed,” says Niederdorf, the head of the animal shelter. So that nothing happens to the cat lady again when she is out and about, the Mülheim animal shelter team recommends that Minnie should be kept as an indoor cat.

Contact the Mülheim animal shelter at Horbeckstraße 35 on 0208 372 211

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