Anime arrives on Disney +, the first titles announced

Anime arrives on Disney +: after so many years Disney opens to the Asian market acquiring the rights of numerous animated series that will arrive on the streaming platform soon.

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Anime arrives on Disney +, the first announcements during Disney + APAC

The Disney Director in Asia, Luke Kang, described the kind of relationship Disney had with the Asia and Pacific regions by describing an imbalance basically:

For many decades, The Walt Disney Company has entertained consumers and has been an integral part of the local creative ecosystem. Today, we’re making another commitment by combining the company’s global resources with Asia Pacific’s top content creators to develop and produce original Disney + stories. With more curated streaming services becoming more mainstream, the emergence of world-class content from Asia Pacific, and the growing sophistication of consumers, we believe this is the right time to deepen our collaboration with top creators of content from the region to offer an unprecedented narrative to the public world.

Products Disney have for many years entertained spectators from all over the world and this is the right time, according to Kang, to offer in exchange to Western viewers the best Asian anime and series.

During Disney+ APAC have been announced all the anime that over the next few months will go to enrich the catalog of the platform streaming. Among the announced titles there are numerous and eagerly awaited transpositions.

Disney + announces the anime news coming to the platform

There is certainly one of the most talked about titles Summer Time Rendering. The manga of Yasuki Tanaka it tops all ratings ratings in Japan and is one of the most read series on the platform Jump+ with more than 130 million views. The story, in noir and dramatic shades, tells the story of a boy struggling with a macabre mystery.

Black Rock Shooter Downfall is a franchise created starting from the illustrations of the renowned Huke (already famous for having made some of the illustrations of Steins;Gate), and already counts numerous action figures, dedicated songs and a video game, the announced anime will be a soft reboot of history with Makoto Fukami to the script already known for his work on Psycho-Pass and Resident Evil: Vendetta.

Finally it was announced Yojohan Time Machine Blues is the sequel to Tatami Galaxy, written by the award-winning Tomohiko Morimi. It will be a series romantic science fiction set during a hot summer day where the weather it would seem to pass differently from normal.

Gives Aniplex the anime adaptation of Twisted Wonderland, eponymous phone game (available only in Japan), owned by Disney in which he also participated Yana Toboso, author of Black Butler, in the role of character designer.

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