Anker 717: New power supply with 140 watts

If you look at Amazon or other dealers, you will quickly see that there are many power packs and chargers. If you read and follow us a bit, you may have noticed that we like to take a look at the boxes. I personally have one potent collection of power supplies, the newest being the Anker 737 GaNPrime. Anker recently introduced a whole bunch of power supplies, now they are boarding the next Amazon. The peculiarity? Only 1 USB-C port that delivers 140 watts (USB PD 3.1). Anker’s power supply does not deliver more watts than Apple’s, but it is more compact – at 99.99 euros, it also just undercuts Apple’s price. It’s a shame that there isn’t more distance. The savings tip also applies here: You can also drive well with power supplies that deliver less watts – charging just takes a little longer.

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