ANMAT prohibited the sale of a trucho Mantecol: how to recognize the real one

ANMAT prohibited the sale of a trucho Mantecol: how to recognize the real one

The image on the left shows the real product, the one on the right the fake

One of the most famous desserts chosen by Argentines has just been banned from marketing after it was found to be a counterfeit product.

It is about Mantecol, about which the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT) decided to prohibit its elaboration, fractionation and commercialization throughout the country of the trucho product whose label says: “Dessert based on peanut paste and MANTECOL brand cocoa, RNE Nº 02-0000604, RNPA Nº 02-569076, presentation plastic container 3.3 Kg. Expiration 02/12/23, L18 140″, for not complying with current regulations.

The measure is due to the fact that it is directly a counterfeit product that obviously lacks records and is falsely labeled consigning information about the establishment and product belonging to the firm Mondelez Argentina SA

The resolution indicates that it is a counterfeit candy that uses the information of the genuine food and was taken after the company itself filed a complaint with the Justice after receiving warnings from consumers alerting that the food had foreign elements.

After an investigation, the firm determined that the product is not the one manufactured or marketed by Mondelez.

Now, how to distinguish the true from the false? Here a little help:

– The fake candy looks different net content: 3.3Kg against 3.4Kg of the real one

– The image is not very clear and with black borders

– The fake bears the legend “Dessert based on peanut paste and cocoa” while the original says “Dessert based on peanut paste with almonds and cocoa”.

– The expiration date of the fake product is printed on the label without a dater, while the legitimate one uses the batch code and expiration date printed with inkjet ink with its own coding

– And while the real one has one year of useful life of the legitimate one, the fake one includes a declaration of almost five years.

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