Anna Brolin’s family happiness – holiday with the ex

Anna Brolin's family happiness - holiday with the ex

The nice family holiday…

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Anna Brolin and her ex-husband are together with the children in Gotland!

After the fem profile, the sports journalist has also had a tough year with divorce, which she confirms on her Instagram this spring:

“Since the children are by far the most important thing for us, this will not be commented on further and we hope that can be respected.” writes Anna.

On Instagram, the TV profile now shows the former couple’s lovely vacation days on Gotland – four months after they went their separate ways.

Married who became friends

Anna Brolin and ex-husband Jesper Rodhborn had been together for nine years before declaring that love had turned into friendship.

“Our greatest love and happiness are our two wonderful boys. So it will always be. And they are our biggest focus when we jointly decided to go from being parents who are married to being parents who are friends.”, wrote the former spouses via Anna Brolin’s Instagram in late April.

Anna Brolin was interviewed by Bianca Ingrosso

It became somewhat uncomfortable for the profile, which is otherwise used to asking questions to others, when Bianca Ingrosso asked her out in the live broadcast of “Efter fem”

Anna asks what Bianca would most like to ask her in an interview situation. Then the unexpected happens…

– No, you know what, this is the hard part about me. All inappropriate questions are the ones that come first in my mind, says Bianca Ingrosso.

Anna Brolin still asks to be asked. Bianca continues:

– I would like to ask you how your relationship is going?

– No, but we can take that privately, Brolin then replies.

It is unclear if Anna Brolin and her ex-husband are together again.

Photo: Instagram

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